Texas Author Salena Rothenberger’s Ground Breaking Book ‘The Gap’ Shines a Ray of Hope for Chronically Ill Patients

June 23, 2022

Texas Author of "The Gap" Salena Rothenberger

"The Gap" Best Selling Book

The Functional Perspective

Redefining HealthCARE through Clarity, Action Steps, Resources and Empowerment.”
— Salena Rothenberger

NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Salena Rothenberger, author of the revolutionary and insightful book “The Gap,” experienced firsthand what it is like to navigate autoimmunity in conventional medicine. Diseases that have no cure plague so many families today. Individuals have run the gamut of mainstream medicine, which has reduced society to a flock of perpetual pill poppers. These practices are just a temporary solution for a greater problem. Ms. Rothenberger is a graduate from Functional Medicine University and has CEUs and certificates of completion provided by the Southern California University of Health Sciences. She also received certification as a certified health coach upon completing Dr. Sears’ Wellness Institute Program. She has completed advanced courses in nutrigenomics, nutrition, and functional medicine.

When Salena’s oldest child was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, following DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis), she realized the limitations of conventional medicine. Her quest was to find a long-term resolution for her child’s adverse health condition, which would restore and rebalance his well-being. She ultimately found the answers she was looking for in Functional Medicine. While exploring the benefits of the functional (natural) medicine approach, the “gap” between where she and her son were, and where they wanted to be, closed.

This book is a compilation of steps from a variety of health practitioners, sharing answers to the questions most sought by those seeking to regain their health and vitality. According to the astute team of authors, “This book is the missing link, the piece of the puzzle that holds the answers you’ve been searching for. It’s ‘The Gap’ between chronic disease and your true recovery.” In a recent survey of over 89,000 adults and over 17,000 children, researchers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that nearly one out of three people in the U.S. is seeking holistic healthcare solutions.

Functional (natural) medicine is healthcare that depends on the natural healing powers of the body. For individuals seeking resolution to chronic health challenges, this is a ray of hope. It does, however, require one to do their due diligence when seeking a health practitioner to help them take a natural approach to restoring good health. The experts in this book have proven that many deaths are avoidable. They explain how we can find true healing if we extend our search, go deeper, and look at the big picture — at the body. “The Gap” reveals how the body, mind, and spirit connect. The reader will discover how the only way to treat the physical body effectively is to have a high level of understanding about this interconnection.

The reviews are in and “The Gap” received a consistent five stars. C. Clemons Hoffman says, “From breathwork to functional medicine, to genetics and energy, the experts in this book look at all aspects of health for a full picture of "The Gap" between Western and alternative medicine. It is for anyone on a difficult health journey seeking to look at the broader picture.”

Vicki R concurs; “Lots of info here about alternative therapies and how they can help you heal without expensive and often unnecessary medical procedures and drugs.”

Erin from Pensacola, FL writes, “I can't explain how comforting & wonderful it has been to work with someone who actually cares to get to the bottom of a health issue! She is very caring and thorough!”

Salena’s passion, since she was a child, is to be a blessing to others. The penning of this book, “The Gap,” is a step in fulfilling that desire.

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