At The Dubai Expo Speakers Shared How They Were Changing The World. They Missed Out On The Biggest Change World Needs

November 26, 2021

Use the Brain and Mind to Improve Each Other.

Emotional intelligence comes from emotional health.

Emotionally Healthy Brain Generates Emotional Intelligence.

The Dubai Expo has asked the speakers the perfect question to help speed up progress towards a better world. But it has so far not got the perfect answer.

HH Sheikh Maktoum can change the current messed up world order with optimized emotionally super healthy brains, by establishing an Emotional Health and Brain Education Industry.”
— Sajid Khan
DUBAI, EMIRATE OF DUBAI, UAE, November 26, 2021 / -- Every successful quest begins with a specifically targeted question. The Dubai Expo organizers have come up with the brilliantly perfect question that will truly bring real change. The Expo organizers most incisively asked the speakers the most vital question of all, on the #1 priority about what needs to change.

The brilliance of the speakers and their contribution towards progress was evident as each shared their achievements in science, technology, and the arts in their own fields. There was a lot of innovative knowledge sharing that enhanced the expertise of speakers and the audience. Every participant came out with a better understanding of the current sustainability systems and how these were being optimized. All were empowered with glimpses of the future progress that is being shaped today. The expo achieved outstanding success where it was intended. However the final question the organizers asked missed the target miserably.

When asked 'What is the one thing that they would like to change?' Each one of the speakers explained what system they were working on to change to improve the present. Each one had a change wish in their own field. Each and every one of them missed the most vital crisis that needs to be addressed. THE WORLD IS TRAPPED IN THE CONSEQUENCES OF NOT KNOWING WHAT IS THE MIND. Thus the most vital change needed is to unlock the mystery of the human mind.

The mind is the most important factor of life and yet we know so little about it that there is no topic on the mind in High School psychology textbooks. Our experts have lumped the mind that generates professional expertise and the brain that generates emotional health which is the sauce of wisdom, as just the single entity of the mind, when the brain and mind are interdependent but separate. Thus the brain is under the radar screen of our experts. So all the focus is on mind education while brain education is not only ignored, the brain is miseducated.

As the brain is messed up the world's emotional health is messed up, blocking wisdom and messing up every sector of life.

This Dubai Expo has the chance to free the world from the trap of ignorance about the mind and all its adverse consequences. By empowering minds with optimized emotionally super healthy brains, by establishing an Emotional Health and Brain Education Industry.

Just imagine the world's first Emotional Health and Brain Education Institution founded by HH Sheikh Maktoum.

From the current ignorance-powered mess of a world, His Highness can make the world powered with emotional health (wisdom); creating trillion dollar surpluses along with priceless health and happiness.

Creating a wise world is the single biggest achievement in history ever, that can be accomplished by His Highness.

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