Hamilton Reserve Bank Demonstrates Eight Fintech Banking Capabilities, New Client Accounts Opened Within Minutes

October 14, 2021

Hamilton Reserve Bank Demonstrates Eight New Fintech Banking Capabilities

Hamilton Reserve Bank, the largest global bank in the region with the highest level of financial privacy, announces eight new digital banking capabilities

Hamilton Reserve Bank continues to set the standards with the highest level of financial privacy and advanced digital banking capabilities”
— Hamilton Reserve Bank
JESSUPS ESTATE, NEVIS, SAINT KITTS & NEVIS, October 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Hamilton Reserve Bank (www.hrbank.com), SWIFT: NIBTKNNE), the hometown bank of America’s founding father Alexander Hamilton and the largest global bank in the entire region with the highest level of financial privacy, is pleased to showcase the bank’s eight digital banking capabilities as the bank continues to experience rapid expansion, serving HNW customers in 150 countries.

Hamilton Reserve Bank has invested millions of dollars in the last two years implementing the world’s most advanced core banking technology, Temenos. New customer onboarding can be completed online. New bank account applications can be approved within 5 minutes in total privacy via authenticated facial recognition technology in full compliance with AML/KYC/CFT protocols. The Bank’s fintech capabilities include these essential features:

Omni-channel: A consistent experience across multiple channels, assisted and unassisted, internal, and external. The focus has moved to re-injecting intimacy into these capabilities allowing human and digital touchpoints delivered at scale.

Contextual Customer Experience: Hamilton Reserve Bank understands customer behaviour at every touchpoint. The Bank uses real-time and predictive analytics to dynamically change how customer experience can be better.

Personalization: Customers want their own personalized set of products and services, designed based on a 360-degree lifetime view. Hamilton Reserve Bank delivers them.

Open Bank, Open APIs: Hamilton Reserve Bank flexibly and seamlessly collaborates with third-party service providers or technology developers via open APIs to deliver beyond banking lifestyle services to the end-customer.

Flexible, Modular Product Engines: Modern product architectures with re-usable product features, hierarchies, and relationship pricing allow the bank to offer customer-centric, innovative feature-rich products that are quick to create and easy to maintain.

Straight-through, Real-time Processing: Hamilton Reserve Bank supports digital customer journeys end-to-end from prospecting and order fulfillment to servicing - straight-through processing all the way. Bank customers can 24×7 real-time receive and process transactions and queries.

Scalable, Secure Infrastructure (Cloud): Adopting cloud-based infrastructures, the Bank handles the proliferation of increasingly complex customer interactions at acceptable levels of performance, allowing rapid response to change with auto-elasticity, scaling, and accelerated release cycles. Resilience and the highest levels of security are among our capabilities.

Adaptive and Resilient Operating Model: The Bank allows self-monitoring and logging of interactions and transactions in real-time to continually optimize performance.

Hamilton Reserve Bank is continually advancing global banking for HNW clients looking for high-end digital solutions with extraordinary financial privacy. For more information please contact us at the information provided below.

About Hamilton Reserve Bank

HAMILTON RESERVE BANK (www.hrbank.com) is a fully regulated global bank (SWIFT BIC: NIBTKNNE) with a deep British heritage operating at Wall Street speed. Powered by advanced Temenos banking technology, the Bank or its affiliates have offered personal banking, business banking, new business formation, trust and escrow, and investment solutions for nearly 27 years serving a large and rapidly expanding clientele from more than 150 countries worldwide. Hamilton Reserve Bank has a "fortress" balance sheet, zero customer loan exposure, pristine regulatory compliance record, strong customer privacy protection, speedy client onboarding, and 24/7 e-banking. The Bank's independent asset management affiliate Volshares Large Cap ETF is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE stock symbol: VSL) as a Morningstar 5-Star rated, top 1% performer ETF three years in a row. Headquartered on a large bank compound at the Hamilton Reserve Bank Plaza in St. Kitts & Nevis, the hometown of Alexander Hamilton and a thriving British Commonwealth nation, Hamilton Reserve Bank is the largest global bank in the entire region, maintaining worldwide offices and global customer support.

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